Paul is a individual contributor who brings an organisation’s deepest purpose to life by weaving people and technology together through brilliant design.


    Paul is currently a Director at The Clarity Factory, a management consulting firm speacilizing in converged corporate security – physical and cyber.


    He led product design of risk management products in Capital Markets at The World Bank and Freddie Mac. He also designed products in the reconciliation of transactions across accounts for Kroger.


    In addition to software product design, he has IoT product design experience with Humana/Vitality and other innovation efforts and has extensive AWS Solution Architecture experience with Fortune 500 companies.


    Paul currently has the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.






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  • World Bank Group

    Design Leadership

    Over 30 designers working in the US and India 24 hours a day

    Product Design

    Underwriting management & compliance
  • Using a workflow that consisted of user interviews, focus groups, participatory design, and concept testing, Paul was on the six-person team that delivered a design system and supporting code framework for the second release of The World Bank Group’s internal portal. Tools used: Sketch, InVision, and Axure.

  • Freddie Mac

    $Billion government backed bank

    Digital Transformation

    Creating the foundations for 12 SAFe Agile teams

    Product Design

    Risk pooling and transfer
  • Using a workflow that consisted of click tracking, A/B testing, tree testing, user interviews, focus groups, participatory design, concept testing usability testing, and card sorting, Paul was part of a core consultancy group that delivered first phase design system and product design, then guidance during the hand-off for second phase implementation within a SAFe Agile framework. Tools used: Axure, InVision, Mural, Sketch, and Storybook.

  • Revenue & Transaction Management

    Product Development within corporate design standards

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    Reconciliation of transactions across accounts and across financial quarters

    Kroger is a Fortune 100 company
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    Managing the revenue cycle of Medicare claims from electronic health records

    Kinnser is now Wellsky, a global acute, post-acute, and community care technology provider
  • Did I see you there?

    Recently attended events (IRL)

    Since moving to London I've joined the Rebel Book Club and the meetups are the best! I've always been in a fiction book club, but I've finally found a book club that resonates with me.  Check out the club. 
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    Feel free to connect with me on my mobile 7309 800098, Instagram @PaulSizemore, LinkedIn in/PaulSizemore, paul.sizemore@gmail.com, the web form, or happenstance on a Margate beach.